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A baby’s body is uniquely sensitive to contaminants in air, water, food, and everyday products.  When you remove the toxins from your baby’s household environment, you reduce his/her risk of developmental disorders, allergies, and hormone disruption.  We have researched and identified the safest bath and skin care products and we will select a specially-curated collection for your baby based on his/her individual needs and preferences.  The best thing we can do for our babies is provide them with a safe and healthy environment. 

What this package provides:

Initial 30-minute consultation to evaluate your needs and the safety of your current products, plus:

  • Itemized list of personalized product recommendations

  • Specially-curated selection of Products for your baby (based on your personal needs). Examples of items include bubble bath, gentle liquid soap cleanser, baby cloths, baby oil, healing diaper cream, diapers, formula, sunscreen

  • Specially-curated selection of Gear for your baby (based on your personal needs). Examples of items include car seats, clothing, crib mattress, and bedding

  • Follow-up phone consultation to discuss Proposal and order products

  • In-home training session on how to use products upon request

  • Optional: Additional training for household staff on how to use all products ($125 per hour)

  • Optional: Safe disposal of all household chemical waste ($50)

INVESTMENT: 125.00 + product costs


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