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We believe everyone deserves a clean environment, safe water and good health. Our mission is to teach you how to reduce the toxins in your home and on your body – with changes that are simple and effective. By reducing these toxins, you improve your overall health and improve the quality of our air and water. It’s a win, win for everyone!




This package includes an introduction to basic home or business detox and our selection of the top 11 MUST-HAVE safest, and most effective products we have found. A great starter package.


CleerStarter DIY

This package is a perfect choice for the person who wants to do it herself.  This kit is filled with everything you need to begin creating your own chemical-free home on your own terms.



A baby's body is especially sensitive to toxins. When you remove the toxins from your baby’s environment, you reduce his/her risk of developmental disorders, allergies, and hormone disruption.



It's time to ditch the chemicals in your skin care products and cosmetics. We will make sure the products you use to cleanse yourself are, in fact, clean and free of potentially harmful toxins.



We'll make sure you aren't exposing yourself or your family to a number of toxins by assessing what you use and finding non-toxic,  effective alternatives for you and your loved ones.



Children’s bodies are sensitive to contaminants in everyday products. Removing these toxins reduces their risk of developmental disorders, allergies, and hormone disruption. The perfect package for your kids.



Many of the daily household products we use contribute to poor air quality. We will work with you to ensure your indoor air quality is as safe and clean as possible for you and your loved ones.



Every household faces different water issues and a myriad of possible concerns about contaminants.  We will work with you to improve water quality in your home so you can stop worrying.



Mainstream household cleaning agents are the #1 source of toxins in the home. We will introduce you to the safest cleaning products for your home so you and your family can rest easily.

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 Make clean living fun and interesting with our customized parties and classes. We offer events for everyone - from corporate to teen parties. We will create suitable events to meet your needs.

cleerbusiness clean business consulting


Protect the health of your employees and clients by providing with them with a safe workplace environment. Your clients will appreciate the clean atmosphere and your employees will be healthier and more productive.



Additional InformatioN + SERVICES:

We can customize any package, service, class or event to fit your needs.

We also offer:

Training for any household member or staff on how to use all products
Personal shopping, delivery and set-up of all products in your home
Private in-home education and group classes
Disposal of household chemical waste at county home chemical collection center
Non-invasive iTovi body scanning for personalized wellness evaluation
Custom-formulated essential oil blends

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Our hourly rate of $125 per hour applies to all additional services, unless otherwise specified.