cleerlife toxin free beauty products and services


Ditch the chemicals in your skin care products and cosmetics.  We will make sure the products you use to cleanse yourself are, in fact, clean and free of potentially harmful toxins.  We will make sure your beauty products are not exposing you to toxic chemicals.  Cleanse and beautify your skin with the safest + highest performing products specially-selected by our team.

What this package provides:

Initial complimentary  phone consultation to evaluate your needs and the safety of your current products, plus:

  • In-person consultation for skin care and cosmetic product selection.

  • Choose from our specially-curated selection of products for your skin care regimen (based on your personal needs). Examples of items include cleanser, moisturizer, toner, face serum, masks, lip balm, sunscreen.

  • Specially-curated selection of cosmetics (based on your personal needs). Examples of items include blush, foundation, concealer, brushes, lipstick, lip balm, nail polish.

INVESTMENT: starting at 125.00 per person, plus product costs


Add-ons you may be interested in:

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