Frequently Asked Questions


How do you select the products on your site?

First, every product we recommend/sell must meet our safety standards by being as toxin-free and high-performing as possible.  We test the performance of these products on ourselves, our friends, and/or our families (the toughest critics).  When possible, we visit the manufacturing facilities and meet the owners.  When we recommend a company’s entire line of products, those companies’ product quality and missions align with our standards by using the safest ingredients and impacting the world through their charity work.

Are there really that many toxic chemicals in my home?

Unfortunately, yes.  The statistics are astounding.  In our personal products, laundry detergent, dish soap, cosmetics, air, water - these toxic chemicals are everywhere.  Most of our everyday products contain known carcinogens and hormone disrupters, as well as many untested chemicals.  In fact, many everyday products warn of their dangers right on the label (though most do not)!
The average woman puts 168 chemicals on or into her body every day!!  If you want more terrifying details, is a great resource.  The good news is you don’t need to worry about any harmful chemicals in the products you get through Cleerlife!

What if I already use a toxin-free product that I love but it’s not one you recommend?

That’s fantastic!  Continue to use it.  We love learning about all safe, toxin-free products.  Please share your safe product recommendations with us.  As with all our products, we are happy to research your products for efficacy, quality and safety.  We would love to add your favorite products to our site.  If you are an entrepreneur who creates a safe product line and would like us to know about you, please feel free to email us or send samples of your products.  We are always looking and learning.
You can reach us at


Can’t I just buy essential oils at the grocery store?

If you’re on our site, you are probably very interested in the health and wellness of your family.  Your neighborhood retail store likely sells essential oils that contain synthetic fragrance and/or are diluted (less than 100% pure).  Synthetic fragrances can contain up to 3,000 fragrance chemicals and typically contain phthalates, which can disrupt hormones, especially in children.  Additionally, anything less than 100% pure essential oils will not provide the therapeutic benefits that make real essential oils so useful and powerful.  Just because the packaging says it is “made with” or “contains” 100% pure essential oils does NOT mean the formula is limited to that pure oil.  Additional fragrance and/or oils can be added to dilute the product which lowers the cost.  We recommend Young Living essential oils because our research has proven their oils to be 100% pure, therapeutic grade. We use them daily to keep our own families well -  physically, emotionally and spiritually!  
So yes, you can purchase essential oils anywhere, but why would you?

What if I have questions about whether my current products are safe but I’m not ready for a full package?

You can email us anytime or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.  We will share product information and answer your individual questions.  When you’re ready for more, you can hire us for an hour or simply purchase recommended products from our website.



Does this sound familiar? 

“Everything I read about chemicals is overwhelming and I don’t know where to start and I don’t want someone to judge me!”

This is exactly where we were - having the same thoughts and buying the same stuff.  Now, we’ve done the research and implemented the changes so you don’t have to. We are continually searching for safe and toxin-free alternatives to everyday products.  Wherever you are, we can help! One step at a time or a total detox.  All without judgement!

Simple Change Makes Significant Impact!