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What we're all about

Even our closest friends ask

“What exactly IS Cleerlife?”

Do you have your own products?
Do you sell other company’s products?
Are you a consulting service?
Will you just do it for me?

The answer is:




We are two moms trying to navigate motherhood, marriage, work, everyday life, and the everchanging yardstick by which women are measured.  The research is undisputed - the world is full of toxic chemicals – and it’s frightening.  From the lotion we put on our skin to the food we shove in our mouths while flying out the door. We wished there were a path to a greener, cleaner lifestyle that didn’t make us feel we were less than.   We decided Cleerlife would be that path!  Clean products – free of harmful chemicals – for real people like us.  We want to live a healthier lifestyle but we accept our imperfections.  We cheer for the simple steps we make and laugh along the way.  We are all together in this crazy, chaotic, less-than-perfect journey called life.


Educating and empowering people everywhere with safer, cleaner living solutions


About Us

Who would have thought that a chance meeting in a beginner’s tennis clinic would have led us to a lifelong friendship and a life-changing business?  We both have a deep respect for all things simple and real – neither of us likes complicated and both believe it’s unnecessary.  Our desire to make our homes safer and healthier for our families led us to help others do the same – but without judgment and with less hassle.  We have loved sharing our friendship and passion with our children and our friends – creating a movement within our community.  We are thrilled to take this next step to reach out to you.  We know we can help your family live a safer and healthier lifestyle. 



Lisa Solomon

Prior to founding Cleerlife, Lisa Solomon spent 30 years as a professional dancer. For 20 years, she was the owner and manager of two successful ballroom dance studios. At age 40, Lisa met her wonderful husband, and the next year, their precious daughter was born. There is something about being a first-time mother that makes you pay closer attention to everything you put in your and your child’s bodies. This is what led Lisa to discover the importance of using pure, safe products. She began by purchasing a kit of Young Living essential oils and experimenting at home with recipes for self-care and household products. Her success with these oils prompted Lisa to detox her home of virtually all synthetic chemical products. In 2016, Lisa joined with Jennifer Helms to found Cleerlife.


Jennifer Helms

Jennifer Helms worked for 20 years as an attorney before founding Cleerlife. Like Lisa, the birth of her first-born child prompted her to begin exploring natural health alternatives.  Jennifer was married in 2001 to her terrific husband and they have two children, one of whom struggled as a young child with chronic health issues and developmental challenges.  When traditional medicine failed to heal her son, Jennifer began to study alternative medicine and how to recover her son from the inside. Dietary changes and the drastic reduction of exposure to toxic chemicals improved his health dramatically. The more she learned, the more she wanted to educate and help others. In 2016, Jennifer joined with Lisa to found Cleerlife.