Good indoor air quality contributes to a favorable environment for employees and customers.  Fresh, clean air has been shown to boost workplace productivity by as much as 10%.  Poor indoor air quality can affect employees’ health by irritating eyes, harming the respiratory system (aggravating asthma and other respiratory illnesses), causing headaches, and causing allergic reactions. The healthier the workplace, the more productive the workforce.



  • Evaluate the workplace and recommend/implement safer product alternatives to improve air quality and workforce health

  • Organize interactive/experiential team building activities to educate workforce about living a less toxic lifestyle.

  • Custom-make clean promotional gifts for staff/clients

  • Coordinate events for employees/clients with prizes, giveaways, raffles

  • Establish and coordinate a Green Team within your organization

  • Examine the sustainability of your office practices and create innovative solutions

  • Provide the cleanest, safest products for you to sell to your clients

  • Educate maintenance staff on using safer cleaning products and environmental sustainability

  • Educate your employees/clients on the importance of removing toxic chemicals from their personal environment

Everything is customized to fit your needs.

INVESTMENT: 125.00 per hour