Microfiber - The Cleaning Genius


Our families’ discovery of high-quality microfiber changed everything about the way we clean our home.  Gone was the expensive steam mop and its expensive mop pads.  Gone was the gross broom and dustpan.  Gone were the dozens of kitchen towels and endless loads of laundry.  Gone was the need to constantly replenish our paper towel supply. No more shopping for toxic household cleaners.  Baby locks came off the cabinets.  Ah-mazing.

What on earth is microfiber? Microfiber is a synthetic material with each individual fiber being 200x thinner than a human hair.

This greater surface area plus the negative electrical charge that microfiber products contain, makes them attract dust and dirt particles much more effectively than cotton or sponge mops and regular cleaning and dusting cloths.  Traditional cloths push around particles and spread dirt.  Microfiber contains a positive charge, which attracts negatively-charged dirt and grease.  These characteristics of microfiber allow you to clean surfaces without chemicals!  According to the EPA, microfiber cloths and mops offer many health, safety, and economic benefits.  They cut chemical use and reduce water use by 95% (as well as reduce the energy needed to heat the mop water). Several studies have shown that microfiber mops are more effective at removing dirt and eliminating cross contamination that typically occurs with traditional mopping methods.  Microfiber cloths can be used wet to clean countertops, bathrooms, mirrors and other surfaces as well as dry for dusting computer screens, furniture and other surfaces without chemicals.

How do you know if you are getting good quality microfiber?  Well, like everything else microfiber quality varies.

If your microfiber catches slightly on the surface of your hand, it is better quality.  If your microfiber absorbs a spill instead of pushes it, it is better quality.  

We have done the research and the testing and we have to say, our favorites are Norwex’s microfiber products.  Their products contain micro silver, which is a natural antibacterial agent. The micro silver fibers in Norwex’s products inhibit bacterial odor, mold and mildew growth within the product so they can be rinsed and reused repeatedly. Used properly, these products will kill 99% of bacteria with just water.  Norwex’s products have a two-year warranty.  You just can’t beat that.

5 Reasons to Switch to Microfiber TODAY!

  1. Reusable – reducing need for multiple towels and washing
  2. Durable – microfiber lasts MUCH longer than cotton; it can be washed a thousand times before losing its effectiveness
  3. Chemical-free – you can ditch your toxic cleaning products
  4. Saves money – no need to ever purchase any more glass cleaner, floor polish, stainless steel cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, granite cleaner . . . gone, gone, gone.
  5. Saves time – no more trips to the store to replace cleaning supplies. Order your products online and have them delivered directly to your door!

To learn more about Norwex or to order their products, click below.

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