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EWG’s Healthy Living: EWG stands for the Environmental Working Group, which is a non-profit organization that evaluates all the products in stores – from food to shampoo – and rates them based on their safety and sustainability.  It is super-easy to use and an incredibly valuable tool.  Use the app for food and personal care products.  Their website evaluates cleaning products as well.

Reference Guide for Essential Oils (by Abundant Health): This app tells you what Young Living essential oils work best for certain conditions and also describes the properties/uses for each oil.

Think Dirty – Shop Clean: Like the EWG app, this app allows you to discover whether your cosmetics and personal care products are safe.

Detox Me (by Silent Spring Institute): Explore ways to reduce your contact with toxic chemicals in your home or workplace.  Scan bar codes to check the safety of products. The app also includes DIY recipes for safe cleaning products.


books +


Healthy Child, Healthy World, by Christopher Gavigan

The Pure Cure, by Sharyn Wynters & Burton Goldberg

The Honest Life, by Jessica Alba

The Human Experiment

Netflix / www.thehumanexperimentmovie.com

Stink: Why Are Toxic Chemicals Hiding in America? 

Netflix / www.stinkmovie.com




• clean products for beauty, body and home


• microfiber cleaning and other non-toxic household cleaning items

 Young Living 

• lifestyle brand for essential-oil based household cleaning products, essential oils and diffusers


• clean cosmetics, skincare, hand soaps and lotions

Seventh Generation

• safe, eco-friendly cleaning products

 Molly's Suds

• all natural products for laundry

 Better Life

• natural cleaning products for the home


• natural teeth cleaning and whitening products

Dr. Bronners 

• clean soap, hair and body care products


• safe + effective deodorant and body care products

 Type A

• clean, high performance deodorant